Tuesday, July 8, 2014

May 2014

We did a lot of fun things this May, the weather has been beautiful so we have been able to do lots of fun things out doors.  One of Wayne and the girls favorite things to do together is drive up the canyon and go for a little hike.  The girls love seeing animals and getting dirty so its great bonding time with daddy doing something he loves too.  We are so grateful for such an awesome dad that takes time every day to spend time with them and play.

For Memorial weekend we got to join some of our friends the Cox and Lutkin family on a overnight camping adventure.  Between the three of our families we had 14 kids, 5 of them with Down syndrome.  We had a great time, sleeping in the tent with all five of us was a bit tricky, but we survived the night.

Playing with our cute friend Sarah.

Jaymi and her soul sister Mia.  Mia was adopted from the Ukraine and because of her story we were prompted to adopt Jaymi.  I love that they are such good friends now, I swear they know they are eternally connected.

Mia's sister Bree is Jaymi's little look-a-like.  All three of them are the same age and get along so well.  I love that they will always have each other to play with.

Trying to get a picture of the five little girls with Down syndrome was not an easy task.

Bryn and Sarah are the same age.

Kaelyn can't get enough of parks and playgrounds these days now that she has realized they are full of stairs.  She loves climbing stairs and will scout them out no matter where we are.

Jaymi had another great season of her special needs soccer team.

We loved our time volunteering in Jaymi's kindergarten class this year.  My favorite part was that Bryn got to come with me and participate with the children.  She felt like such a big girl and did so well listening to the teacher and following the rules.  Jaymi's class got to grow little chicks in her class and she would come home every day and tell me about the chicks.   

Swimming with our friends and neighbors the Buntjers.

The girls had so much fun at their cousin Natalie's birthday party.

Playing at our friends, the Amevor's house.  We lived at the married student housing with Kayse and Koffi and are so lucky that we still live close enough to get together every once in a while.  We taught their oldest daughter Shella in nursery and had so much fun with her.  It's so fun watching our kids play together.

Jaymi testing out the bunkbeds at Ikea.

We got to attend the dress rehearsal performance of Mountain West Ballet's Cinderella thanks to Hope Kids.  It was a complete downpour and since it was outside they let us come sit on the stage that was covered.  Talk about front row seats, the girls loved it!

Dancing during the intermission.

Jaymi had to get a picture with the Russian girls and the kitty cat.

I got to attend the zoo with Jaymi's class.  It was a rainy day so we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves, which was so nice. We didn't mind a little rain.

Jaymi insisted we take a selfie on the bus.

Jaymi and her best buddy Mia.

Kaelyn sporting her new glasses at our neighborhood marshmallow roast.

The older boys started up a street soccer game and Jaymi just joined right in.  I love that she doesn't have the same reservations that hold so many of us back from doing things that we might want to try.  She didn't care that they were bigger and faster.  She just jumped in and had a great time.

Playing at the sand park.

Bryn hitched a ride in the cargo pocket of friend Sarah's stroller.

Jaymi had her last dance recital for the year.  They got to dance to Frozen's Let it Go.  She has the dance memorized and did so well at her performance.

More playing at the park and swinging like a monkey.

Enjoying some ice cream at the school who should not be named ;)

I got to attend a luncheon for Heart Mom's and we were able to enjoy a performance by Hilary Weeks, one of my favorite LDS artists.

Sisters got to hug.

My cute friend and neighbor painted the kids faces at a get together on Memorial Day.  Jaymi specifically asked for a "Purple Lion".  She takes her face painting very seriously.

Bryn wanted a purple lady bug.

Our work had a get together at Red Butte Gardens.  The girls had fun hiking around the garden and playing in the water.

We got to go on a field trip to the Buffalo/Elk farm with Jaymi's class down the street from her school.

Last but certainly not least we attended the Walk with Angels event to celebrate our little girls with special needs.  The event is put on by the United Angels Foundation, a wonderful organization that does so much to help promote and educate others and families about children with many different specials needs.  We had a great time playing with old friends and making new ones.  It was such a great event, we all had so much fun!

Jaymi loves giving hugs and taking pictures with all the mascots and characters.

I threw Kaelyn into the jump house and she had a great time bouncing around.  We had to send in some older girls to bring her out though, she would have stayed in there all day.

Uncle Ryan and soon to be Aunt Amanda came and played with the girls.  It was so fun to have them there with us.  Amanda teaches special education at a local high school.

Hugs with another one of Jaymi's BFF's, Taylor.

There was a group of BYU football players there so I pulled Jaymi aside and dared her to go take a "Utah Picture" with them.  She is one daring little girl and did it.  They got a kick out of it and were good sports.

Then later we ran into the Cougar and she did this all on her own.  We were proud parents!

Now thats more like it.

Our friends the Nelson's were there hanging out with us and their dad was their volunteering as part of his work.  

There was even a performance by Kaelyn's favorite, Signing Time.  The girls had so much fun dancing, signing and signing along to the songs they know so well.  

When Kaelyn heard her voice she practically dove into her arms.  Signing Time is the ONLY show she will watch.

We met another little girl whose name is also Jamie.

It cracks me up when Jaymi imitates Kaelyn.  Talk about a good workout.

So as you can see we had a busy month with lots of friends, family and fun!